TaskInfo History

This page contains release history of TaskInfo. If you want to see release history of earlier versions, read TaskInfo History Archive. TaskInfo Release 01-May-2012
  Now TaskInfo is "Free for personal non-commercial use". Check Corresponding "CheckBox" on "Help/Set Registration Information Dialog" if you really use it for "personal non-commercial use". :)
  Convert TaskInfo to Unicode Version. Drop support for Win9x.
  Add Experimental support for Windows 8 on platforms x86 and x64
  Change Graph Sensor Tip. Show Data and Time under Cursor.
  Show Current Data Values on GraphSensor Averaged.
  Add Compressed View Mode for GraphSensors (10 times large Intervals)
  Add "Create Dump File" for Selected Process.
  Add IPv6 support. Show IPv6 TCP and UDP Connections.
  Add Registration Date to About Dialog.
  Make large Maximum number of samples of GraphSensor from 1000 to 4000. So it will be suitable for most Displays.
  Optimization. Do not try to find Process Owner Name after some time of errors.
  Optimization. CPU Usage for Modules and Thread Tabs.
  Correct BUG during installation/update/uninstall. Installer can not exit TaskInfo when TaskInfo shows some dialog like Notificatio about new version or Configuration.
  Correct Bugs in "Search Strings in Process" Processing for 64 bit Processes.
  Correct BUG. Flush File Cache does not work correctly under Restricted or Non Admin User. Disable Menu Item.
  Correct BUG. In some cases only part of Information Report may be saved to File or Clipboard.
  Correct BUG. In HTML Report problems with Navigation in Browsers other than IE.
  Correct BUG. In some situations, while selected Process Modules or Thread Tabs, TaskInfo can hang.
  Correct BUG. Incorrectly show information about Mapped Files on Modules Tab on 64 bit systems. TaskInfo Release 26-Mar-2011
  Restore Compatibility with Win9x/WinNT4 lost in TaskInfo version 9.1.
  BUG. After Configuration Dialog exit Incorrect Allignment of Columns on Processes Pane.
  BUG. flipping up and down of some processes on processes pane when Sort Column is "Start Time" or some others.
  BUG. Error During TaskInfo exit.
  BUG. Columns order of Processes Pane changed. But is not reflected correctly on Columns Configuration Settings Dialog.
  BUG. General Setting for "Show toolbar" and similar do not save on Apply. TaskInfo Release 09-Feb-2010
  Add "Free RAM" Commands to Command Line. See "Help/Command Line Commands" for "fram" and "sfram".
  Make TaskInfo not requir full Privileges and add button to restart with full privileges under Vista and Windows7.
  Add Local Menu on all Information Lists in Dialogs: "Search Open Files", "Search Strings in Process", "Persistent Priority Settings" and some other.
  Add to Local Menu on "All Open Connections", "All Open Files" and so on separate Menu Command to Show Properties/Search on WEB info about Files and Processes.
  Add ToolDialog that shows all Handles opened by Process. See Processes Local Menu.
  Show on Icon Graph in Systray Kernel CPU Usage Also (Red).
  Add Column "integrity level" info of process under Vista/Win7.
  Add to Process Status Column Info about Data Execution Protection Enabled Status ("DEP/DEP-ATL"). Have Sense for 32 bit processes only on 64 bit Vista or Win7. For 64 bit processes DEP always enabled.
  Add to Process Status Column Info about Virtualization Enabled Status ("Vrt"). Have Sense for 32 bit processes only on 64 bit Vista or Win7.
  Add to Process Status Column Info about Suspentded Status ("Susp").
  Add Service Coloring according to Digital Signature State, Kernel, Win32 and so on.
  Add Icons to Name column on Services TAB. No Any Icon for a long time means "Can not Find File".
  Add option to make TaskInfo open maximized at first show.
  Correct Panes sizes restore when TaskInfo window was maximized. And Minimize at Start Up set.
  Add Color Box around Icon on Processes TAB to show Process Coloring while Process row is Selected.
  Make killed process RED no metter if it is selected.
  Add Options to Remember Selected Tabs in System and Selected Process Panes. Default is to Remember.
  Add support for sorting by more than one column. Use latest sort column as primary, previous as secondary. Enabled for all Panes exept Processes Pane.
  Add Searches for a list-view item that contains the specified characters pattern. Pattern is multiple characters received within a time-out interval, currently fixed at one second First or Selected Column used for Search. Select Row with Sell where characters pattern found at leftmost position.
  Show only CPU and RAM in tray when swap file disabled.
  Correct Buffer Overflow in "Search Open Files" Tool. TaskInfo Release 19-Apr-2009
  Support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 r2 (32 and 64 bit)
  Internal modification to support future development.
  Small BUGs corrections.
  Help correspnds to latest version at last. TaskInfo Release 10-Nov-2008
  Add GDI "handles" TAB to Selected Process View in Win2k/XP/Vista. Experimental.
  Correct "Free RAM" Commands working on systems with more than 2GB RAM. Correct free RAM show and try to swap out all big memory. ::)) TaskInfo Release 19-Sep-2008
  Add "Stand By KB" on System General Tab. It is Part of Free Physical Pages. Pages stripped from processes and File Cache but still contain usable data. Can be seen as Low Priority File Cache
  Return Free Phisical Memory value to old variant.
  Add Services Tab. Start and Stop Services. Show All Information about Win32 and Kernel Services including Real Service Module Path, Service Module Digital Signature State, Version Information and so on.
  Add "F5" shortcut to refresh TaskInfo Panes.
  Add Hide and Restore Menu Items to GrapBar when Graphbar is floating.
  More TaskInfo Start Optimization while Modules Signature Checking enabled.
  Correct ToolTips show above Processes Pane when ToolTip Text is really BIG.
  Correct File Cache size Show in Win2k/xp/Vista.
  Correct last minute bug in with invisible Panes Splitters while changing Panes Sizes.
  Correct BUG. The icon Terminate Tree does not activate.
  Correct old BUG. Floating Graphbar position restored with small shift to top of creen.
  Correct old BUG. Clicking on File Properties button on TaskInfo toolbar lead to TaskInfo Crash. TaskInfo Release 25-Aug-2008
  Add "Coloring" and "Tooltips" to HTML Reports as on Information Panes.
  Add current time and date to TaskInfo Title.
  Add code to Remember Size and Position of various resizable dialogs like "Process Persistent Settings".
  Add Optimization for "Flicker Free" redraw while resizing TaskInfo Window.
  Add Optimization in Code Signing Checking. Significantly lower delays of TaskInfo Panes Refreshes during TaskInfo start and while beginning of show of "Kernel Drivers" and "Selected Process Modules".
  Correct small bug. Alerts high Limits for GDI. User and Windows Objects number are too low in WinXP/Vista.
  Correct small bugs. CPU Graph doesn't scroll for dead processes. CPU usage counters were not zero. And threads of dead process not colored.
  Correct BUG with "Selected Process" Change while show Confirmation Dialogs in menu commands like "Terminate Process", "Debug Process" and so on. So you select to kill one process but really kill very different.
  Correct few small BUGs. In some cases incorrectly shown "Mapped Files Information" on "Process Modules Information" Tab.
  Correct BUG. Mapped Files on Modules Tab and File Search Dialog not Shown on in 32 bit Win2k and XP.
  Correct BUG. Page File Size/Usage arithmetic overflow with pagefiles above 4GBytes TaskInfo Release 21-Oct-2007
  Add warning dialog on "Debug" command. May be skipped as in similar places by pressing "Shift" key during menu item clicking.
  Disable "Debug Process" menu when DR Watson set as just in time debugger in the system. In other case it leads to process crash dump generation and process termination.
  Correct BUG in selecting visible Columns of Processes Pane
  Add Process Session ID Column in WinNT/2k/XP/Vista.
  Add "File Properties", "Show File Directory" and "Search File on WWW" Local Menu Items for "Process Files" Tab as in other suitable places.
  Add. "Terminate tree/process/thread", "reboot" and similar with "SHIFT" key pressed do not show warning dialog.
  Make faster TaskInfo start when "Signature Checking Asynchroneously" set (default).
  Add "Signature Checking Synchroneusly | Asynchroneously | Disable" Option in "Information Panes General Configuration".
  Change GraphBar Docking/Undocking Code from MS behaviour to keep Desktop and Applications redraw enabled while Graphbar moving.
  Correct BUG with strange "% Idle Pri Threads" and Tray Icon CPU Usage showin Win9x.  
  Corrected. In Win9x "Start Time" and "Up Time" columns in processes pane are always empty.
  Corrected. "Search File on WWW" menu command incorrectly works when default browser is not MS IE.
  Corrected. Automatic Column Width is always active (does not matter checked or unchecked)
  Add Color Settings for Grid Lines.
  Add path to search Debug Symbols. Add Support for Microsoft Debug Symbols Server. See "Configuration/Debug Symbols Configuration"
  Select correctly File in 64 bit "\windows\system32\..." on 64 bit WinXP/Vista
  Show correctly "File Properties" for files in 64 bit "\windows\system32\..." on 64 bit WinXP/Vista
  Add File "File Properties", "Show File Directory" and "Search File on WWW" Local Menu Items for "Process Modules", "All Open Files" and "Kernel Drivers" Tabs.
  Add Vertical and Horizontal Grid Lines in all views. See "Panes Coloring Configuration".
  Add Coloring for:
Processes that contain Services.
New and Old Objects : Processes, Threads.
Processes runnning under the same account as User.
Processes running under Local System ("NT AUTHORITY") accounts.
Processes with some problems like invalid signature (signed but can not be verified)
Rebased during load DLLs.
See "Panes Coloring Configuration".
  Add Info about Services in Process. See Tooltip above Process Name Column on Processes Pane.
  Add "Verified Signer" Column for Processes, Selected Process Modules, Kernel Drivers. Win2k/XP/Vista only. Now you can see that most of the Modules in the system are Signed by MS or other Software Vendor.
  Add Processes/DLLs/Kernal Drivers Signature Checking. Win2k/XP/Vista only. See "Image Info" Tab for current process. Also see ToolTip above process name, DLL name or kernel driver name on corresponding Panes/Tabs.
  "Version" Tab of "Selected Process Information Pane" now called "Image Info"
  Correct BUG with Crash when try to show "Strings" for application with protected from read by other processses memory.
  Correct few small bugs with reading Module Version Info. TaskInfo Release 25-Jan-2007
  Correct Crash of TaskInfo when Processes Pane Split. TaskInfo Release 21-Jan-2007
  Add Support for 32 bit and 64 bit Versions of Windows Vista.
  Optimize TaskInfo own CPU Usage. It is lower by 30% to 60% in different situations.
  Add Option to see "System" Process as pseudo-process. So it can be non-sortable
  Add Options for Information Panes Placement: "Split Process Pane" and "Processes Pane at Top". First Options make processes names non-scrollable horizontally (Names column always visible). See "Configuration/Information Panes Configuration".
  Add Persistent Process CPU Affinity Settings in addition to Persistent Priority Settings..
  Add column with Module Build Time. See "Process Modules" and "Kernel Drivers"
  Add Context Menu for Copy All Lines, Line or Cell from Pane.
  Add Column Configuration Context Menu for List View Headers in all Panes.
  Add Settings for TaskInfo Update to check for all builds or for releases only.
  Add "Tips" to List Views such as Processes Pane and other. Full text of narrow column item and Additional Info if available.
  Add Sort Column Highlighting.
  Add Accessibility Settings: 2-3 times horizontal scale and 2-3 pixels wide of graph lines.
  Convert TaskInfo Help to HTMLHelp format for Compatibility with Vista
  Change Icons on ToolBar.
  Correct Problem with TaskInfo Crash when Settings or Other Dialog is shown and one more TaskInfo instance is starting.
  Correct once more locking of PDB file with debug info as result of Threads View after process already exits.
  Correct possible small Memory and GDI Objects Leak.
  Correct Report Saving Open File Dialog Crash in 64 bit Windows.
  Correct BUG with reporting GDI and USER Objects for System Processes.
  Overcome little incompatibility with Driver Verifier in WinXP and later.


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