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AbpMon is a resizable and dockable toolbar on your desktop for any Windows system ((NT 4.0, 2000, WinXP 32 and 64 bit, Server 2003 32 and 64 bit, Vista 32 and 64 bit., Server 2008 32 and 64 bit), Windows 7 and Server 2008 r2 (32 and 64 bit) that graphically shows the most popular system information in real time:

  • Total CPU(s), memory (physical, virtual, cache and swap) usage
  • Data rates on local disks, network server/client, Dial-Up I/O
  • TCP/IP, VPN in/out data rates
  • Total number of User/GDI objects (in Windows 2000 or later)
  • Free GDI/User (system) resources (in Windows 9x/ME)
  • Total number of open Win32 handles (files, events and so on)
  • and more!

You can customize what values to be shown on the graphbar and select desired color scheme.

AbpMon also allows you to:
  • Restart, shutdown the system
  • Force restart/shutdown
  • Flush file cache
  • Free physical operating memory
  • and more!
AbpMon allows you to configure automatical alerts (shown near icon in systray) on:
  • Low virtual memory
  • Low GDI/USER resources
  • Too many GDI/USER objects
  • Too many windows created
  • Too many opened Win32 handles

To know more, download, install and try AbpMon in work! If you want more detailed system and processes information, try also TaskInfo application.


Copyright © 1998-2008 Igor Arsenin. All rights reserved.