AbpMon History

This page contains release history of AbpMon. beta AbpMon version release. -- 03-Apr-2011
  Starting from this version AbpMon is FREEWARE.
  AbpMon Versions now will correspond to TaskInfo builds. As AbpMon is mostly subset of TaskInfo.
  Add support for Windows Vista/2008 (x86, AMD64 and IA64 Platforms)
  Add support for WinXP64/2003 (AMD64 and IA64 Platforms)
  Correct small bug. Alerts high Limits for GDI. User and Windows Objects number are too low in WinXP/Vista.
  Add Settings for AbpMon Update to check for all builds or for releases only.
  Correct "Free RAM" Commands working on systems with more than 2GB RAM. Correct free RAM show and try to swap out all big memory. ::))
  Add More friendly Messages about problems with installing and opening Abpmon driver.
  Add Accessibility Settings: 2-3 times horizontal scale and 2-3 pixels wide of graph lines.
  Correct BUG. Page File Size/Usage arithmetic overflow with pagefiles above 4GBytes
  Correct bug with OverflowCPU usage Calculation Overflow.
  Correct problem with saving of automatic Check for New Version interval settings.
  Add "Hide/Restore AbpMon Window" menu items in Tray Menu.
  Add "Copy" to clipboard and "Save" to File from "Tools" commands results.
  Add Hibernate and other power state commands to Tools menu.
  Add "Lock this Computer" command to Tools menu (WinNT/2K/XP/2003 Only).
  Add Logoff command to Tools menu.
  Add Accessibility Settings: "Standard Menu" to allow correct working of Screen Readers.
  Add to "Automation" Menu: Check AbpMon Version. AbpMon version release. -- 22-Feb-2004
  Minor Corrections.
  New Installer 200KB smaller. AbpMon version release. -- 25-Jan-2004
  Add Purchase directly from AbpMon Installer Option.
  Correct Overflow problem for Total CPU Graphs Calculation
  Add Special Place for Registration Information
  Add Registration Page Link from AbpMon Menu
  Add Registration Reminder Dialog
  Add averages for values on Graphs Tip Window during 10 Refresh Intervals. Can be enabled/Disabled from Configuration Dialogs.
  Correct "Problem of year 2038" bug.
  Eliminate periodic reading from user.exe in Win9x/ME ::))
  Corrected BUG. In Win9x/ME zero values in File IO Graph Sensor.
  Corrected BUGs on System with more than 4 GB RAM AbpMon version release. -- 16-Dec-2002
  Add Alerts from System Tray about low resources or leaks. Low Virtual Memory, Low GDI/USER Resources, Too many GDI/USER Objects, too many Windows, too many opened Win32 Handles.
  Add Graphs for TCPIP Input/Output, total number of User/GDI objects in Win2k, Free GDI/User (System) Resources in Win9x/ME, total number of Windows, total number of open Win32 Handles (files, events and so on).
  Add "Flush File Cache" command to Tools Menu
  Add "Clear All Graphs History" and "Clear Selected Graph History" menu commands
  Allow dropping of CPU usage of Idle threads from CPU Graph and SysTray Icon. That allows to eliminate CPU Cooling applications activity and see real CPU Usage.
  Add Tool tip window to Graph bar Information Sensors with more words about sensor contents.
  New Style Configuration Dialogs
1.0 AbpMon version 1.0 release. -- 06-Jul-2002
  It is all for a while.


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