TaskInfo Questions and Answers

If you have problems with the use of TaskInfo, this page would help you to resolve them. Please read this page carefully before sending your questions to the author. Be sure that you downloaded the latest version of the program - possibly your problem is already resolved in it.

See also: Common questions and answers - this page contains questions (with answers) that are common for both TaskInfo and AbpMon. Please read this page carefully too.

General Questions

Q: I registered the program, but registration key does not work. What should I do?

A: First of all, carefully check that you exactly entered the key and registration name (use menu "Registration/Set or View Registration Information" to check it). The best way is to use "Copy/Paste" method when entering name and key.

If you installed a newer version, try to reenter registration name and key. Registrations for TaskInfo 5.x made after 1-Nov-2003 are also valid for TaskInfo 6.x versions. But it may be needed to reenter registration name and code again.

Your registration also may be expired (upgrades are free during one year after registration only). TaskInfo will show in its title bar and in the "About" dialog is the registration already "outdated". In this case you can upgrade to newer version for lower price.

Q: I'd want to download an older version of TaskInfo. Where can I find it?

A: Visit "Downloads Archive" page. See also "TaskInfo History Archive" for additional information.


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