TaskInfo History Archive

This page contains release history of earlier versions of TaskInfo. See also release history of current version of the program. TaskInfo Release-- 06-Jul-2006
  Correct TaskInfo starting Problem with WinXP64 connected with last security updates from Microsoft. TaskInfo Release-- 08-Jan-2006
  Correct last minute BUG. Swap File Information again available. TaskInfo Release-- 07-Jan-2006
  Corrected few BUGs that can lead to TaskInfo crash on 64 bit WinXP/2003.
  Correct BUG that in some situations on 32 bit Win2k/2003 Servers do not allow TaskInfo to show a lot of information like process Modules, Icons and so on under Admin Account. TaskInfo Release-- 28-Nov-2005
  Correct BUG in "Search Strings in Executable". When selected "Module File" as Search Source incorrect addresses of strings in file is shown.
  Correct BUG with more often than needed check for TaskInfo Update.
  Correct BUG with TaskInfo Crash during Open File Search and some other operations.
  Small Performance Optimization. TaskInfo Release-- 10-Nov-2005
  Correct Possible Problems with TaskInfo Registration.
  Add Support for 64 Bit Windows. Checked mostly on AMD64 platform.
  Add possibility to make "Priority" and "Priority Boost Enable" Settings for Processes to be Persistent. So it will be restored next time process starts. See "Automation" and "File/Set Process Priority" menus.
  Add Automatic Checking for TaskInfo Version on our Site. See "Automation" menu.
  Add "Strings" Tool for Selected Process. It shows Printable Strings in different process modules. See "Tools" menu
  Add "Google Process" Search. See "File" menu.
  Add accesibility Settings: "Standard Menu" to allow correct working of Screen Readers. See "Configuration" menu.
  Add "Hide/Restore TaskInfo Window" menu items in Tray Menu.
  Add Vertical Size of Graph Sensor Selection for GraphBar in docked state. So GraphBar Hight calculated as "GraphSensor Hight" * "Sensors lines Number".
  Add "Pause Panes Refresh" and "Refresh Now" menu Items and Buttons on ToolBar.
  Add Drop Down List with previous Search Patterns in Files and DLLs Search Dialog.
  Correct Size setting for undocked Graphbar window.
  Correct BUG with Blue Screen during Start of TaskInfo and Installation.
  Correct BUG with TaskInfo Abnormal Termination.
  Correct BUG with Showing InMem value for Process Modules.
  Correct output file from "PL" command line command. Empty Columns.
  Correct problem with crash in WinNT4 when showing thread stack.
  Correct BUG with ".PDB" files locking after process exit.
  Correct ID of System Process view on "All Open Connections TAB".
  Correct incorrect Show of Process ID in Win9x on "All Open Files" TAB TaskInfo Release -- 26-Jan-2005


  Correct Performance Problem.
  Correct Problems with driver starting when started from StartUp
  Correct BUG with crash during Process Handles Tab Show. TaskInfo Release -- 19-Jan-2005
  Add option to enable 3-state sorting direction on System and on current process panes.
  Add Show "Kernel CPU usage" on "CPU usage graphs" for processes and threads
  Add Columns to Processes Pane mostly for Win2k/XP/2003:
"%CPU in Kernel"
"Long Average %CPU in Kernel"
"CPU Total in Kernel"
"Process/Thread Up Time"
"Process Domain and User Name"
"Number of Read Operations"
"Data Readed"
"Read Data Rate"
"Number of Write Operations"
"Data written"
"Write Data Rate"
"Process Image Version"
"Process Image Description"
"Process Image Company" TaskInfo Beta-- 08-Jan-2005
  We desided to drop 2003 and so on from TaskInfo Name. So It is called simply "TaskInfo" now.
  Add More friendly Messages about problems with installing and opening TaskInfo driver.
  Correct BUG. "Can not open Tsknf600.sys" Message on some 2K/XP systems.
  Correct BUG. TaskInfo Hang when showing modules or thread information for some processes.
  Correct BUG. Incorrect display of process priority level "ANorm+1".
  Correct BUG. Incorrect processes sorting by Start Time.
  Correct BUG. Taskinfo doesn't remember the window position correctly when exiting if the window is placed on the second monitor on dual monitor system.
  Correct BUG. Truncated column in "thread" pane.
  Correct BUG in showing DLL full path. Forget to clean \??\ and \SystemRoot\ TaskInfo2003 Beta-- 12-Dec-2004
  Correct Crash during installation or later.
  Correct problem with processes sorting. Sorting order changes during refreshes for processes with the same names.
  Show in WinNT/2k/XP most of processes that want to be invisible like keyloggers, worms and other spy software. TaskInfo2003 Beta-- 27-Nov-2004
  Add Thread Start Address and Thread Call Stack with Symbolic Information if possible (WinNT/2K/XP/2003 Only).
  Add Search Open Files and Used Dlls Tool.
  Add "Copy" to clipboard from "Tools" commands results.
  Add Thread Suspending/Resuming (WinNT/2K/XP/2003 Only).
  Add Thread terminating (WinNT/2K/XP/2003 Only).
  Add Process Suspending/Resuming (WinNT/2K/XP/2003 Only)
  Add Process Bring to Front.
  Add Processes Tree Terminating.
  Add Hibernate and other power state commands to Tools menu.
  Add "Lock this Computer" command to Tools menu (WinNT/2K/XP/2003 Only).
  Add Logoff command to Tools menu.
  Optimize Redraw (Flicker Free) during resizing of TaskInfo Window.
  TaskInfo CPU Usage optimized for big lists like "All Open Files", "Drivers" and other.
  Corrected Problem with old Version Information cached by TaskInfo too long.
  Correct BUG with showing only part of very long command line in WinNT/2k/XP
  Corrected BUG with incorrect showing of process Environment Variables in WinXP SP2.
  Correct BUG with crash during Concurrent Startup of more then one TaskInfo instance.
  Changes to License Egriment to answer fewcustomer questions.
   TaskInfo2003 Release -- 22-Feb-2004
  Minor Corrections.
  New Installer 260KB smaller. TaskInfo2003 Release -- 05-Feb-2004
  Correct Problem with TaskInfo2003 application crash during start due to BUG in MS code that saves/restores Toolbars state.
  Correct BUG in "PL" command. Report was saved to TaskInfo directory instead of current.
  Make Help to correspond to TaskInfo executable
  Add Online WEB variant of Help to www.iarsn.com
  Other Misc corrections.
  Correct Overflow problem for Total CPU Graphs Calculation
  Correct BUG in Command line processing for PL Command. Memory columns are all Zero. TaskInfo2003 Release -- 20-Jul-2003
  Change date and time format in different outputs to "yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss". For example "2003-07-19 12:40:11"
  Correct "Problem of year 2038" bug.
  Correct BUG with Process description showing while it contains blanks only.
  Add eSellerate EST for better support of Affiliates.
  Other Misc corrections. TaskInfo2003 Release -- 10-May-2003
  Add averages for values on Graphs Tip Window during 10 Refresh Intervals. Can be enabled/Disabled from Configuration Dialogs.
  Correct BUG. In processes pane "Process ID" column forget width.
  Eliminate periodic reading from user.exe in Win9x/ME ::)) TaskInfo2003 Release -- 07-Apr-2003
  Make Help to correspond to TaskInfo executable
  Add Private Memory Column (Private KB) to Processes Pane.
  Add Process ID/Parent Process ID to selected process General Tab
  Few misc Corrections RC3 TaskInfo2003 -- 11-Mar-2003
  Corrected BUG. In Win9x/ME zero values in File IO Graph Sensor.
  Corrected BUG. Graph Sensor ToolTip does not show while TaskInfo minimized to Tray.
  Corrected BUG. Show Tool Bar and Show Status Bar settings in General Configuration Dialog are not working.
  Corrected one more BUG with TaskInfo crash during Show Process Modules.
  Corrected BUGs on System with more than 4 GB RAM
  Add Purchase directly from TaskInfo2003 using eSellerate Wizard. RC1 TaskInfo2003
  Add to Configuration Enabling Alert Window position saving.
  Add shortcut for Process Close command.
  Disable Processes Tree Show as result of clicking on processes pane column header
  Corrected BUG with erroneous reporting "unregistered" on TaskInfo2003 Title while registration was OK.
  Correct some Misc problems. B3 TaskInfo2003
  You can now move Alert Window until Alert state changed.
  Add Small/Large Alert Window Selection.
  Add "Escape" for minimizing TaskInfo window.
  Add HTML reports saving commands to File Menu.
  Correct BUG with ZERO Size Swap file. B2 TaskInfo2003
  Add Selections for Numeric/Named IP Address and port numbers
  Add Process List ("pl") Command Line command to save information about processes to TAB separated file.
  Add "Keep Selected Process Visible" to Configuration Settings.
  Correct BUG with Win32 Handles Alert Setting Overflow after 32000
  Correct BUG with Blue Scr while show Connections in WinNT 4.0 SP6 Beta TaskInfo2003
  Name changed to TaskInfo2003
  Add Alarms from System Tray about low resorces or leaks. Low Virtual Memory, Low GDI/USER Resources, Too many GDI/USER Objects, too many Windows, too many opened Win32 Handles.
  Add Graphs for total number of User/GDI onjects in Win2k, Free GDI/User (System) Resources in Win9x/ME, total number of Windows, total number of open Win32 Handles (files, events and so on).
  Allow dropping of CPU usage of Idle threads from CPU Graph on SysTray Icon. That allows to eliminate CPU Cooling applications activity and see real CPU Usage.
  Add "Tab" and "Ctrl/Tab" to go from pane to pane and from Tab to Tab in Pane.
  Add silent execution options for command line commands.
  Add "sync" (flush file cache) command to TaskInfo command line.
  Add "flush" (flush Process memory from RAM) command to TaskInfo command line.
  Add Columns in Processes Pane: Handles number, Windows count, User objects (W2k/XP), GDI Objects (W2k/XP), Start Time.
  Add "CPU Graph" column to processes Pane.
  Show Processes and Threads IDs as decimal in WinNT/2k/XP
  Add opened tcp/udp connections correspondence to processes in WinNT SP5/2k/XP. Added "All connections" and "Connections of selected process" Panes.
  Add "View/Show Processes Tree". Sorting of Processes by Parent (as pseudo-tree)
  Add Tools Menu. New "Tools" are "Free RAM Fast", "Free RAM Slow", "Flush File Cache", "Clear Clipboard", "Check for Update".
  Add ToolTip window to GraphBar Information Sensors with more words about sensor contents.
  Add more Information Sensors to Graph Bar and other Graph Bar modifications.
  Add Color schemes for Graphs text and background.
  Add "No Tray Icon at all" and other tray icon selections
  Redesign menu. Transfer all settings to configuration property pages dialog.
  Show Process Type (Con/GUI) in State field for WinNT/2k/XP
  Add support for new Intel and AMD CPUs definition
  Correct BUG in "kill", "spri" and other command line commands
  Correct BUG with ToolTips show
  Correct BUG with Icons refresh when sorting enabled
  Correct BUG with sorting by process file name but showing description. TaskInfo2002
  Correct Hanging with Norton System Doctor in Win9x/ME TaskInfo2002
  Correct few misc BUGs.
  Disable TaskInfo popping up from tray during high CPU load or Explorer hanging/exiting
  Add GraphBar with Graphs of Physical Memory/Virtual Memory/CPU/CPUs Usage
  Add ToolBar.
  Add CPU Usage Graph as variant of Tray Icon Animation.
  Correct BUGs with hanging in WinNT4/2000/XP
  Add "Show Description" (from VerInfo) Instead of File Name Item in Preferences Menu. Correctly restore value only after Registration
  Add "Show Processes Icons" item to Preferences Menu. Correctly restore value only after Registration
  Optimize processing of collecting data for saving to file or clipboard
  Add inmem sizes for DLLs
  Add in WinNT/2k/XP "Flush Process Memory Out" command -- flush out all process memory out. So you can see what memory needed for current state of selected process after few seconds.
  Change Name to TaskInfo2002
  Delete Register.exe from installation. Online Registration Page on KAGI provide the same functionality
  One year updates support. So for this and future 4.x versions valid registrations made after 1-Jan-2001. Registration Keys before this data will not work with this version
  Support for Mouse Wheel as in Outlook Express. Wheel scroll pane under mouse pointer in Win9x/ME/2000/XP
  Overcome at last many problems with WinNT/2k/XP performance subsystem. So I beleave now you will not have TaskInfo reporting this problem and not starting on some 2k/XP computers. Also no idiotic messages will be placed in EventLog by "PerfLib.dll" and others when TaskInfo2002 is running.
  Correct BUG in NT/2000/XP. Not all environment variables can be shown
  Add in System Pane number of threads waiting in queue ready for CPU in Win9x/ME similar to the same value in WinNT/2000/XP
  Add "BNorm" and "ANorm" processes priority levels to TaskInfo2000 command line command
   Try to do TaskInfo2000 popups from SysTray during hard System load (can not change SysTray Icon Info) not so sensitive. Check if screen saver running before initiate popup
  Add Command Line "Close" command to close process by EXE file name
  Show RAS Sessions. DialUp and VPN in Win9x/ME/2000. Not supported in WinNT4.0
  Correct BUG with hanging in Win9x/ME when "Norton Antivirus" , "Norton Internet security", "Scramdisk", "E4M" or maybe some others are installed
  Correct some other things with showing PageFile and Virtual Memory Values in Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
  Correct BUG in showing ZERO PageFile usage in some situations in WinNT/2000/XP
  Save/Restore Maximized State
  Do more correct processing of Minimize/Maximize/Minimize to SysTray
  Correct some litle "features" with processes sorting
  Do more robust installing of tsknfxxx.sys kernel driver TaskInfo2000
  Correct BUG with TaskInfo2000 crash in WinNT/2000/XP TaskInfo2000
  Correct last minute BUG that prevents starting TaskInfo2000 on Win95 and OSR2 TaskInfo2000
  Correct enable/disable Sortings sortings. Do resort of processes
  Add to Preferences Old/New Tray Icons Sets selection. In High Contrast display modes old set of tray icons may be more sutable
  Correct BUG in Win9x/ME with BlueScreen of death while 1/2 seconds refresh interval is set
  Add Process Affinity setting
  Add "Preferences/Trobleshooting". You can disable now collecting statistic by TaskInfo2000 in WinNT/2000 for MS Net Client, Server and MS NWClient. In some badly configured networks collecting of it can course IDIOTIC messages in EventLog from NT/2000 Performance Subsystem
  Add "File/Force Shurdown"
  Optimize Memory and CPU usage by TaskInfo2000 in WinNT/2000
  Load in memory as few performance DLLs as possible. So Eliminate some annoing messages in Event Log from different performance DLLs and do faster start of TaskInfo2000.
  Add support in Win2k/XP for additional Process Priority Levels (Below Normal and Above Normal) in Set Priority menu and other places. Do more correct display of process priority
   I beleave correct BUG with displaing incorrectly Parent Process in WinNT/2000/XP
  Correct BUG with not showing total CPU used by process in WinNT
  Correct BUG with selecting Max Averaging for LT CPU% interval. It was not possible to disable Max Averaging without restarting TaskInfo2000. Also you can reset Max Averaging times simply by clicking on menu item "Max Averaging" once more.
  Overcome Microsoft BUG. After first installation in Terminal Server Session TaskInfo can not open driver TSKNFxxx.SYS. No it is OK
  Replace SIDs in HKCU Opened key handles on Domain/User Names TaskInfo2000
  Optimize performance of TaskInfo2000 (mostly in WinNT/2000)
  TaskInfo2000 Registration Status now shown in Help/About Dialog
  Add 1/2 seconds refresh interval
  Correct a number of little BUGs beta TaskInfo2000
  Add "Close process" menu command to "Try to Close process gracefully" in addition to "Terminate Process"
  Add support for Pentium 4
  Correct a number of little BUGs
  Corrected compatibility problem with Windows XP beta 2
  Add Enabling of needed Performance DLLs if disabled by somebody
3.0 beta 1 TaskInfo2000
  Do "View/View Process ID" synonym to "Preferences/Enable Columns/Process ID" to eliminate strange interference between this two items.
  Correct BUG with blue screen in Win9x during exit/restart.
  Make Icon in Systray red with high CPU %
  Change Tray Icons to be more contrast (visible).
  Add Very Long CPU% Averaging time. From start of Monitoring/Resetting or Thread/Process Creating.
  Correct BUG with TaskInfo2000 freezing during install or start when some other Application hangs. Will not exit running instances of TaskInfo2000 versions previous to 3.0
  Add Sort Column/Sort Direction indicator (triangle)
  Save Sort column number in ListView. (After TaskInfo Registration)
  Allow manual setting of named columns widths in System and Selected Process Info panes where possible. (After TaskInfo Registration)
  Add Preferences/Hide unnamed Win32 Handles. (After TaskInfo Registration)
  In Win2000 show files and handles opened in Global Context if Idle pseudo-process selected.
  Add Show Open Win32 Handles for selected process in Win9x/ME/NT/2000. Show Handles Object reference counters and names where possible
  Show in Win2000 in "All Open Files" Files opened in Global system Context. It is not belong to any particular process. Marked as belonging to Idle pseudo-process
  Check BUG in restoring TaskInfo2000 Window position
  Set TaskInfo2000 process priority to HIGH during startup
2.21 TaskInfo2000
  Checked Some little BUGs and add more internal control and messages for strange situations with performance subsystem in Win2000.
  I beleave, BUG with Blue screen of Death in Win2000 during Open File Show at last checked.
2.20 TaskInfo2000
  New Help
  Check problem with AMD DURON recognition
  Check strange behavior of TaskInfo local menu in Systray
  Add shotcuts. Ctrl/Q -- Exit TaskInfo. Ctrl/C -- "Edit/Copy Panes to Clipboard". Alt/Enter in processes Pane -- show File Properties Dialog for selected process file
  Add "File/Save All Info to File" to save all information collected by TaskInfo about System and all processes to text file.
  Add "File/Save Panes to File" to save current contents of Information Panes to text file
  Add "Edit/Copy All Info to Clipboard" to save all information collected by TaskInfo about System and all processes to clipboard
   Improve Font Selection. Support correctly National Char Sets
  Check problems with showing Modules Version Information with national languages
  Check BUG with combination NotAnimateIcon + StartMinimized + MinimizeToSystray. With this combination TaskInfo had hiden window and no Icon in Systray. So it looks like TaskInfo hangs during start. :) And no way to do it visible.
  Right align numeric fields in processes pane and other places.
  Add Preferences Start as Win9x Service. It means that if marked as Service in Win9x than TaskInfo will not be closed during User Log Off.
  Add Preferences Close to Systray. It means when you click on cross in TaskInfo window title means minimize to Systray instead of exit. Real Exit only from menu File/Exit or Systray menu Exit.
  Add Show File Properties for selected process in processes popup menu
2.20 beta 3 TaskInfo2000
  Change Setup Application
  Change VxD & SYS names to Tsknfvvv in order to do Versions/Subversions of TaskInfo independent. It will be possible to have a number of versions installed in system simultaneously
   Add menu to Systray icon about reboot, ...., preferences
  Overcome BUG with TaskInfo hangs during start when right panes have zero width. Thanks Microsoft for once more BUG
  Catch situations when Explorer restarts and restore Systray Icon
  Add Preferences about disabling starting more than one instance of TaskInfo.
  Check BUG with Intel CPU type definition
2.20 beta 2 TaskInfo2000
  Check BUG with CTRL/+ to adjust all columns in ListView
  Add Disable/Enable Dynamic Boosting for selected process threads in WinNT/2000
  Add Preference for refresh interval. Change Averaging time for LT CPU % from seconds to number of Refresh Intervals
  More Optimize performance when minimized
  Add columns width saving in Processes Pane.
  Check BUG with not saving settings during exit by System Shutdown
  Check BUG not showing open file in some Windows 95 OSR2 systems
  Add newest Intel CPU Types
  Add System Up Time in OS Info Tab
  Check BUG with memory and Handles leak.
  Check BUG with unowned threads like WildFile's GoBack worker thread. Add unowned thread Holder pseudoprocess.
  Some little modifications and corrections
  Add List of VxDs in Win9x
  Add OS Information Tab. OS Version Info. Special Directories. Logged User and Computer name. IP Network Host Name and IP Names/Addresses on network adapters. Power Status
  Return Back global/local usage columns for DLLs in Win9x
  Add Process User Name in WinNT
2.10 TaskInfo2000
  Check some minor BUGs
  Check BUG with Win9x MSN Server statistics
  Check BUG that course problems with loading TskInfXX.vxd
  Add System Wide Resources Percent info for USER and GDI.
  Add Hot Keys in Processes Pane. "Enter" to show/hide threads, "Del" to Kill selected process, "Ins" to run new process
  Add column headers with sorting in all panes/tabs where possible
  Add simple variant of CPU Information
  Add names of processes that open files in All Open Files Pane
  Add All Open Files Pane in NT
  Add Info about files opened by selected process in NT
  Add number of windows created by selected process
  Add command line commands. Reboot, shutdown, freboot (force), fshutdown (force)
2.01 TaskInfo2000
  Check some minor BUGs
  Now TaskInfo will be called TaskInfo2000
  Remove "nag" pseudo process with "Evaluation version" name in non registered TaskInfo. Now non registered version will not support some new features
  Check Bug in Installer with Win2000
  Add in Win2000 Info about IO Activity for Current Process and Number of GDI/USER objects used by current process
  Change "Page Ins/sec" and "Page Outs/sec" from number of Pages/sec to KBytes/sec
  Add Version Info for Current Process, its .dlls and Kernel Drivers.
  Add Open Handles Number for Current Process
  Add command line. You can Kill process, change priority, start with priority using TaskInfo command Line
  Add Preferences/Set Averaging time for "LT CPU" to set averaging time up to 60 seconds
  Add "LT CPU%" Column with different (longer) averaging time
  Add Start Debugger for Selected Process
  Add Memory Info Columns in Process Pane
  Add Preferences/Enable Columns/... for selecting visible columns in Process Pane
  Add column names into Edit/Copy output
  Add Parent Process Path for Current Process
  Check Bug with double click on Processes List Header to adjust column wide
2.00 beta 2 TaskInfo98
  Check some minor BUGs
  Try to check BUG with sudden restarting/killing Win9x on some computers
  Add Preferences/Disable Pseudo Processes Sorting. If checked than "Idle", "DPC" and "Interrupt Time" pseudo processes are always on top of Processes Panel.
  Check BUG under NT with reboot. Now it really reboot/restart System
  Check BUG with restart minimized after registration info entering
  Remove delay during registration info processing.
2.00 beta TaskInfo98
  Add "Kernel Drivers" information to "System Information" Pane for Windows NT/2000
  Add pseudo processes to show statistics about Hardware Interrupts and DPC processing. It include time spend in Interrupts and DPCs and number/s of interrupts and DPCs on pear CPU basis. Pseudo threads for each CPU
  Multiprocessor Support in Windows NT/2000
  Add Support for Windows NT/2000. About the same as in Windows 9x, except showing of open files. But more information about current process in "Gen" tab of Current Process Pane. In System Pane no DialUp info now. Will be added in release.
  Add Sorting of Processes. See "Preferences/Enable Sorting". This option works only in Registered version of TaskInfo. If this option is enabled, you can click on Process Pane column's headers to do TaskInfo sort processes by this column values
1.51 TaskInfo98
  Change SysTray Icon
  Add "Preference/Start Minimized" Menu Item.
  Check number of other minor BUGs
  Check BUG with strange behavior if "Start with Minimized Window" checked in "Link to TaskInfo98" Properties.
  Check BUG with Copy Panes to ClipBoard and NotePad. Now pasted text is in correct format
  Check BUG with repossessing in Process Pane to selected Process without reason (no changes in process or threads numbers).
1.5 TaskInfo98
  It is Shareware now
  Add Copy Panes to ClipBoard. See Edit/Copy
  Add minimizing/hiding to SysTray.
  Add CPU% usage to TaskInfo98 Window Title
  Add SysTray Icon and animate it according CPU usage.
  Add Font Setting capability
  Split View Menu into View and Preference. Preferences settings restored on next TaskInfo start.
  Check a number of Bugs. Eliminate Hanging, Shutdown Error Message and other Strange things. Maybe add other bugs
  Add Open Files Information Panel for Current Process And System Wide Information. Optimized for Win98. On some Wind95 installations may not work
  Add Process and Thread IDs Show
  Port from Borland Builder VCL to VC++ MFC
1.0 TaskInfo98
  Check some minor Bugs.
  Add Help file
  Add Status Bar with help messages for all objects on TaskInfo Planes
  Keep Selected Process All Visible (including threads) on the screen.
  Add Local Menu for Process/Thread Info Plane
  Add Show/Hide All Threads Command
  Add Set Process Priority Command
  Add Install/UnInstall Support
  Remove Selected Thread Registers Plane. It has no sense. Maybe I am not right. If somebody knows why he need it -- let me know


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