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Do you want to know what applications load your PC a lot and slow it down? Does your PC have enough operating memory to perform smoothly? Get answers to these and many other questions! With the products on this site (TaskInfo and AbpMon) you will get ability to know in real time:

  • CPU and memory (physical, virtual, cache and swap) usage
  • Detailed information about your CPU and Windows operating system
  • Data rates on local disks, network server/client, Dial-Up I/O
  • List of all running processes and threads with detailed information about them
  • List of all opened files, drivers and TCP/IP, VPN connections with details
  • And more!

Do you want to immediately close hang-up applications, quickly restart the system, free physical memory when you need it? Get these and others possibilities too! To know more, please read comparison table between TaskInfo and AbpMon below. To get the products, follow the "Download" page.

Feature AbpMon TaskInfo
Price (single-user license, more details) US $14.95 US $35
Graphbar with system information values (CPU/memory usage, data rates on disk/network etc.) in graphical form
Graphbar is dockable on desktop  
List of all processes/threads  
Information about each process  
Close/terminate/change process priority commands  
Wide system/OS/CPU information  
List of all opened files/drivers/TCP/UDP/RAS connections  
Free RAM/Flush file cache/Clear clipboard commands
Restart/Shutdown and Force Restart/Shutdown commands
Operate from command-line  
Copy/Save system information to clipboard/text file  
Automatical customizable alerts on low system resources

For more information about each product, please follow TaskInfo and AbpMon home pages.


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