Igor Arsenin's Projects

This page is about my (Igor Arsenin's) projects and experience I've got from them. Maybe it will be interesting for somebody. It is some kind of resume.

My projects mostly deal with writing drivers for different hardware and software. These includes Windows 3.x/9x/NT Ring0 and user-mode drivers for different video in/out hardware boards and other devices. Tests for them. System information applications. The main requirements for these projects: large data rates and real time. My position is always the main developer.

Here are only Windows-based hardware projects from the present down to 1993.


Drivers and user mode software for a lot of PCI and PCI-Express Board. Support from Win2k to Windows8 x32/x64 platforms. This hardware is used for HD/SD Video/Audio/ASI In/Out, Alpha, Color Keying, Rear Projection, Titling, Video Mixing.

Other low level software components used as foundation for other developers work. Hardware abstraction/emulation layers to present very different Hardware in standart way for above software layers. For more information about projects, where I have significant part, see my main work company Site www.softlab.tv


Continue TaskInfo Development. It is my most liked project.



Video/Audio In/Out, Alpha, Titling. DV, FireWire, ...
Under development now.
My Contribution: All Drivers for Windows 9x/NT except audio part. WDM drivers.


v. 1.10
Video/Audio In/Out, Alpha, Titling, Virtual studio support and other.
Main modes of operation
  • Real time capture, nonlinear edit and playback of video and audio data - with JPEG compression. Compression (1:1.5 up to 1:40) depends on your Disk sustained data rate. Software get all possible data rate from disk. Automatic tuning to disk capabilities during grabbing -- so virtually no dropped frames.
  • Multipass capture and playback - without compression.
  • Mixing live video and computer reels.
  • Virtual Studio Support.
  • Real time title machine.
  • Working on the air.
Technical Specifications
  • Single PCI slot
  • BUS Master Scatter/Gather support.
  • Full Duplex Audio. Direct Sound Support.
  • Video input standards - PAL,NTSC,PAL M,PAL N, NTSC 4.43, ...
  • Video output standards - PAL,NTSC,PAL M,PAL N, NTSC 4.43, ...
  • Real time 8 bit mixing of (live) video with computer-generated one.
  • 8 bits of transparency component
  • Table-based color keying (one bit precision)
  • Synchronized I/O of audio and video
  • Video preview in a window on VGA
  • Microsoft Video for Windows compatible
My Contribution: All Drivers for Windows 9x/NT except audio driver's part.
v. 3.03
A number of video grabber boards on PCI BUS assembled using different Video and PCI Chipsets. I do not know why, but boards of other vendors on the same chips have pure performance comparing then Videotizers. Difference is in Software only! Features of the Project are:
  • User-friendly interface with pop-up toolboxes
  • DCI and DirectDraw are used for video in window - this makes it as fast as the VGA card allows
  • A facility to choose any of the last several frames shown, when the frame-by-frame (manual) mode is used
  • Ability to capture and save to disk full-size full-color video without compression or frame drops in several passes, with synchronization to the input code or to the input image
  • Automatic operation with VTRs Panasonic AG5700 and Sony Betacam Sp
  • Synchronized sound capture in a separate pass
  • Video fragments can be saved as an AVI file or a sequence of images in any of the formats: BMP, TGA, RGB (SGI), TIF.
My Contribution: Drivers for Windows 9x/NT.
Broadcast quality real-time compressed video playback. No longer manufactured; but still widely used in Russia. One of the first Boards of this class. Broadcast quality. It was used widely on territory of former Soviet Union. Our own compression algorithm -- Compression by Software, decompression by hardware. This was my first project, that forced me go into Windows internals. It was not trivial task to get all Disks performance under Windows 3.x. More of that, we use two-three disks simultaneously to get more data rate. Real Data Rate we got somewhere in 1994 was from 3Mb/s up to 7Mb/s. Compression only 1:3 for PAL in 1994! My Contribution: Driver for Windows 3.x/95.

For these hardware projects I created software for a number of chips:

PCI Controllers Philips : SAA7116, SAA7145, SAA7146.
Zoran : ZR36120.
AMCC : S5933
Video Chips Philips : SAA7110, SAA7111, SAA7186, SAA7199, SAA7165.
Samsung : KS0122.
BrookTree : bt819

The other my Windows-based projects.

BestCrypt creates and supports encrypted logical disks. These disks are visible as regular disks with correspondent drive letters (for example, D:, K:, Z:, i.e. with any drive letter that is not used by other System devices). The data on a BestCrypt disk is stored in the container file. A container is a file. So it is possible to backup a container, move or copy it to other disk (CD-ROM or network, for instance) and continue to access your encrypted data using BestCrypt. BestCrypt is totally transparent for application programs. It is working under both windows 95 and NT.
My Contribution: Long discussions on the BestCrypt Architecture. Consulting on the Layered Block Device Drivers and other System Internals for Windows 95/NT. Beta Testing of BestCrypt itself and SDK for version 6.0. You can download freely from this WWW Site "Idea" algorithm crypting driver for BestCrypt 6.0. Click here to get it.
TaskInfo for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP shows information about all running processes and threads including ring0 VxD threads. This information include CPU usage, scheduling rate, path, command line, environment variables, memory usage, modules and other. It can run new processes and force termination of badly behaving processes. Reboot, Restart, Shutdown System. It shows also System wide information: CPU, Memory and Cache usage. Data rates for Disk, Network, DialUp IO. This program will grow in functionality and now it is ported to Windows NT also.
My Contribution: All.


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