Idea crypting driver for BestCrypt

Now supports Windows XP 64-bit Edition. (BestCrypt started to support the Windows version since v.7.20). The IDEA plug-in is modified according to the latest improvement made in BestCrypt v.7.20. Read more about it on Jetico BestCrypt v.7 Web page (http://www.jetico.com/bcrypt7.htm) in the "What's new and what have been fixed over the previous version" section. If you wish to compile sources of the IDEA plugin yourself please use the latest version of BestCrypt Development Kit (http://www.jetico.com/bdk.htm)

Idea crypting driver for BestCrypt version 6.0b or newer.

This is a test of Jetico's Bestcypt Developer's Kit (BDK). It is working in Bestcrypt Environment in any Windows System.

Download now!To download "bdk_idea.zip" (62 KB Zip archive) click here. Last updated 22-Nov-2003.

Important: If you have any questions regarding Bestcrypt, please direct them to Jetico.

BestCrypt and Idea Plug-in




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