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Pane at the right of the main window of TaskInfo contains seven tabs with information about the system. Show sample

Select name of a tab to read its description:



All open files








System tab contains current information about the system and usage of its resources. Show sample


images\candle.gif Note: some information is available only under Windows 9x (95/98/ME), and some other is available only under Windows NT/2000/XP.

Click on a title of system information below to read its description:

CPU Clock MHz

% Idle Pri Threads


% Idle

CPUs number

Queue for CPU



Thread sw/s

HW Ints/s

Total Ph KB

Unlocked Ph KB

Free Ph KB

Locked Ph KB

File Cache KB

Other Locked KB

Stand By KB


Free Virt KB

Committed KB

Max Swap KB

Swap in Use KB

Page Faults/s

Page Discards/s

Page Ins KB/s

Page Outs/s

Free GDI%

Free USER%

GDI objects

USER objects

FAT Read KB/s

FAT Write KB/s

FAT Reads/s

FAT Writes/s

Client Read KB/s

Client Write KB/s

DUp Speed

Srv Transmit KB/s

DUp Read B/s

Srv Receive KB/s

VPN Speed

DUp Write B/s

VPN Read B/s

VPN Write B/s


images\mouse.gif Tip: you can use mouse wheel to scroll information in all panes of the main window of the program.