Reporting problems

If you encounter problems with the use of TaskInfo, or you have any questions or suggestions about how to improve the program, please send a letter via E-Mail to address:

images\candle.gif Important: be sure that you have the latest version of TaskInfo before sending letters with your questions, suggestions and bug reports. Your problem may be already resolved in the latest release of TaskInfo.

Please read the disclaimer before reporting problems. It is also recommended to visit some sites where you can find answers to many questions about Windows, software and hardware development etc.

images\candle.gif Tip: most problems can be resolved only if you include information about your system in your letter. Use Edit/Copy command in the main menu to copy current system information to clipboard, paste it in any text editor for example; use Edit/Paste command in its main menu), save to a text file (typically File/Save command) then attach it to your letter.