TaskInfo Installation/Uninstallation

Follow these instructions to install TaskInfo on your computer:

1. Download installation archive or self extracting installer of the latest version of TaskInfo.

2. If you download ZIP archive of installer then extract it using WinZip to a temporary folder on your disk (for example ‘C:\Temp’ or any other).

3. Run Installer (‘tskinf60.exe’) and follow on-screen instructions.

Setup program will copy all needed files to destination folder that you want, create menu entries in the system ‘Start’ menu and update system information necessary for normal functioning of TaskInfo. You may remove extracted setup files from temporary folder after successful installation of TaskInfo.

images\candle.gif Important: you must have administrative rights to install TaskInfo on Windows NT/2000/XP!

To uninstall (remove) TaskInfo from your computer:

1. Open the control panel via system ‘Start’ menu:

Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs

2. Find ‘TaskInfo’ item in the list of installed software and double-click on it.

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