Command line

TaskInfo supports a number of commands in its command line. To run TaskInfo from command line, use command prompt from the system ‘Start’ menu (Start/Programs/MS-DOS prompt or Start/Run). You may need to type full path to a folder on your disk where TaskInfo is installed (don’t forget about quotas if path contains spaces), for example:

>"C:\Program Files\TaskInfo\taskinfo.exe" [command]

where [command] is name of a command (it may be followed by a process name and parameters). If TaskInfo is launched from command line and it recognizes name of a command, this command is executed and TaskInfo will exit immediately after (it won’t show its main window in this case).

images\candle.gif Tip: you can use it in ‘telnet’ session or ‘rconsole’ window to perform command-line commands from other (remote) computer via network.

Use ‘s’ option for silent command execution (no message boxes will be shown), for example:

>TaskInfo s reboot

TaskInfo recognizes the following command-line commands:


Process Commands

System commands


images\candle.gif Tip: you can see description of command-line commands using Help menu, or by running TaskInfo from the command line with the ‘/?’ parameter:

>TaskInfo /?