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Q: I'm trying to find out why my CPU is always showing around 75 to 90% utilization, even when all but critical processes are killed -- nothing is running. When starting Windows, utilization displayed in other monitors shows about 25% with nothing running. That number gradually goes up permanently from 75 to 90% as other programs are opened and closed. Windows System Monitor and all the other monitors I've used all agree on the CPU usage. However, TaskInfo and AbpMon actually displays the CPU usage I would expect, which is 1 to 2% when nothing is running. It's the only diag that gives that figure.

A: It is old BUG in all Win9x/ME code that collects statistic about CPU usage. SysMon and many other 3party applications kick into this BUG. I had attempt to understand what they really show but ... Microsoft confirmed this problem some time ago. See on MS site topics with word "SysMon". For example see;EN-US;Q227131& or;en-us;Q178563